Our Lives


I hate this love, slithering in the coffee shops, flowing in the classes, seeping out on the roads. I hate it. It is so fucking stupid.


Unbelievably mundane, the most morose predictability, careers, marriage, sex, children, dining sets, sofas, kitchenware and more nonsense.


They keep losing their bearings to food, insurance, education, shopping, holidays, all the usual shit. Lives that have become compromises.


Broken hearts, lost faith, wandering around illusions powered by fear and vicious greed, we are lost, and with us, our whole vibrant lives.


4 thoughts on “Our Lives

  1. >hi sagar did you find anyone to teach you to paint?interesting blogso true what you say here in our lives i felt that way too till i started finding my peace in these thingsi guess its a choice you make and then there is no turning backyou have got me thinking here.

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