Three months before I was born, in the year 1984, three thousand people died coughing their lungs out in Bhopal when forty two tonnes of methyl isocaynate reacted with water to produce a cloud of fatally noxious gas that floated over the walls of the Carbide Union Factory and into the neighbourhood. I will turn 25 early next year, the tragedy turned 25 this month.

Quick Facts:

  1. Where: Bhopal, India.
  2. When: December 3, 1984
  3. Lives Lost: 3000 in the first few hours, 15,000 in the next few years.
  4. Cause of Deaths: Gas poisoning.
  5. Name of Factory: Union Carbide Factory
  6. Present Owner: DOW Chemicals (Bought Union Carbide Factory over in 2001)

For some photographs click here. Read the Wikipedia Article here.

Sources: Wikipedia, The Boston Globe.


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