A Letter to People who Wait

Dear Person,
I wrote this letter the other day when there was nothing else I could really do and when I had decided that you, the person who is waiting, are an important citizen, your country being the Nation of People who Wait. There is a lot to be said about you lot, so I decided I should make a few copies of this letter of mine and put them up, in coffee shops, bus stands and cemeteries. Think of this as a simple conversation, which identifies you as a waiting human. A lot of things have over time gained importance in this world of people. Traveling, reading, talking and now I think Waiting too has become important. I wonder who or what it is that you are waiting for. The bus , or maybe, your love or a promotion perhaps? Maybe you are just waiting for time to pass, that is a good thing, time’s passing is a good thing to wait for, it does not disappoint you. I think we all wait differently, some stare at the posters at the stop, some drink coffee in the shop, some shed tears, some plan ahead and some stitch together memories and make a blanket to swaddle the thing they are waiting for in it. I do not know what kind of a Waiter you are, composing your own wait and adding like the million others to this culture of waiting. Such a marvelous thing this is, the waiting, almost a revolution, a powerful statement, a glue to hold humanity together. So wait on I say, for that bus to your office or this promotion you deserve or that person, or simply, a cup of tea. Your time is well spent and with every minute of your waiting, this world is a better place.


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