A Hundred

This happens to be the 100th post on this blog. The Author wishes, on this event, to thank his readers whose encouragement and intelligence have helped the author enrich his abilities to write and think. The author believes that his role in this society is that of an intellectual, and that this blog is one more attempt at furthering his abilities in that direction. This blog is a part of a grater philosophy which believes that a creative endeavor- be it a well told story, or a good movie or a brilliant painting or even a witty cartoon strip- enriches it’s audience in a important way and nourishes their intelligence. This blog is the Author’s attempt at furthering his abilities to gain the most form all the creative endeavors that exist in this society of which he is grateful to be a part of. It is his humble attempt at understanding creativity in it’s broadest sense. The author wishes to declare that this blog and it’s readers have made for a very enriching journey and that it has influenced his life in several positive and important ways.

The following poem is what this post is about.


I walked into a mall,
feeling a wee bit small.
I walked in to a clothing store,
feeling so even more.

The wall of the store,
had pictures that made me sore.
They were of men, tall and fair,
and some had shiny flowing hair.

They were men of power,
who let their libido tower.
They were men of fame,
with a claim to women and a good name.

The pictures stepped on my toes,
and made me yelp.
Out came a man,
and asked if I needed help.

Pray, tell me I asked,
what do they buy?
and what do you sell?

We sell the pictures he said,
but they buy the clothes instead!


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