>A note to the reader


The author was recently questioned by a friend on the meaning of the various one line posts (labeled: short) that have become common place on this blog. The author wishes to put this label in perspective by explaining the purpose of this genre to the reader.

It was the author’s recent obsession to say a particular thing in grammatically different ways and figure out the way that sounded the best, this streamed for the simple observation that the narration, which is a part of some movies, (example: The Shawshank Redemption) has a rhythm that flows with a panache. It was observed that the same narration had a grammatically correct alternative which did not sound as beautiful.

The author then took great pleasure in the exercise of writing down a particular statement and choosing the best candidate of all it’s other gramatically correct forms, the posts are a manifestation of this exercise, they do not have a meaning and one should not try to interpret them.


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