The other day I saw Patrick going against my stride. He wore a short and no shirt, his belly bulged out spilling over the waist button of his shorts, his breast had hair that was turning while and there were scars of some sort all over, as he pulled his short that kept slipping off as he walked one could see his arm rippling with sagging muscle covered with old skin and white hair. His eyes had a sack of skin below them, his cheek bones were prominent. As he passed me -without looking in my direction- asked me the time, at first it looked like he was rambling into the air, but his rambling was a question, and with no one but me around, it suggested that the question was for me, before I realized this he was a meter past me, and as I looked back in a state of mild confusion he was already saying “Don’t worry, don’t worry!”, then he turned and walked away.

16 thoughts on “>Patrick

  1. >floss~ Patrick is a sweeper at the TIFR housing colony.Even If I did not know him, I would call him by a name, and then it would make no diffrence what his name is. ;-)

  2. >That’s a ridiculous second arguement, Sagar. You don’t know Gandhi Or Hitler, but the names of both are important identifiers. If you regard the statements ‘Gandhi invaded Poland’ and ‘Hitler invaded Poland’ to be fundamentally similar; then even Knowing someone in person should make no difference: ie, ‘Sagar invaded Poland’ and ‘Patrick invaded Poland’ would also be similar to the first two.

  3. >Chit~when I say I don’t know some one I mean I do not know him at all, like some stranger on the road.It the name becomes important in cases you mentioned, but in the case of this post it does not matter.

  4. >I’d give you alot of arguements Sagar, but let’s cut to the chase. Mental floss’s question, i believe, was ‘if you do not know him personally, how can you identify him as Patrick’. The assumption on MeF’s part was that your naming was not arbitrary, and if you were not aquainted with Patrick personally, was there any other reason for naming him so in the post?(In the same way you would name Gandhi in a post about Gandhi)

  5. >Sagar ~ Even If you did not know him, you would call him by a name, and then it would make no diffrence what his name is.BUT..If you gave him a name, you’d come across as ,actually knowing him, which would make a difference.

  6. >Chit, Sagar ~ The fact that Sagar identified him as Patrick, suggested to me that he knew Patrick, in some way. But if he knew Patrick and noticed him walk past, enough to be able to describe him, wouldn’t there be some kind of interaction? And, when there wassome interaction, it left Sagar confused. So if it left Sagar confused, maybe Sagar didn’t know Patrick. But if he didn’t know Patrick, how did he know that he was indeed a Patrick, and not a Jack or a Jim? Hence the questions.:)

  7. >Floss~I agree with the first comment and I now have the following to say:I don’t know this person in the post personally, I just know him through people, and they tell me that his name is Patrick. :-)

  8. >Thanks shaggs, oh and i must apologise, i was replying to comments on Vegan Video before this :P. Hahahaha. Dude, wassup, haven’t seen you online in a while

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