>Existential Abstraction


Everybody knew about the other guy’s existence and this they took for granted since they could talk to each other by e-mail and hear them on phone or see the list of names on the web page of the School of Mathematics. There were no photographs on the page, somehow they did not seem to care, the bare essentials for asserting their existence were available, phone calls, e-mails, publications, and they were too busy to ask for more. The corridors were long and empty, lined by offices of these people who existed through their stationery and bytes and electric pulses. They did not bump into anybody in the corridor for they did not exist outside minds of their colleagues.

It was a place where your colleagues existed in your mind riddled by abstraction, in the assumed vacuum of the long corridors and empty elevators, in the content and exact silence of the place.


6 thoughts on “>Existential Abstraction

  1. >Come on Sagar., you are glorifying the place in the wrong direction…you see, the standard joke here is whether you know the right way of looking at things in mathematics !! and of course, you run into people everywhere…long corridors or west canteen or the colonnade etc., etc…people certainly exist physically here for sure :)) Their life might be happening in some other world possibly though !!

  2. >ig~ Oh well the idea of the post is to say things beautifully, it might look like a perspective(which is wrong) but it is a way of looking at things which when put the way I have, sounds nice (Well that is a matter of opinion)it might not be the best way to look at it.

  3. >hahahahaha, you said it sagar. My impression of this post was not positive at all(in terms of atmosphere, it is a good post). However, I had the impression that y’all talked a lot, so i assumed the description was a bit exaggerated, was i wrong?

  4. >Chit~ thanks, well we do talk a lot amongst ourselves, and the post is not factually correct as I have said in my previous comment.So, yes, the description was exaggerated.:-)

  5. >Sonds nice, for sure… I am of the opinion that if you’re blue, and you read something that makes you feel even more blue, it was most likely well written.Not that I’m blue right now, but if I was blue, then reading this would make me slightly more blue.:)

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