The Spark Seller

The light of the lamp post under which he sat, was white and the copper flamed sky was fast turning black above the lake. A wrinkled shirt and a head that showed off a shock of white hair and a bald patch in the center. He sat on his haunches fanning the pan which held coal,bright red coal, and on it corn,bright yellow corn,turning black, fast like the sky above the lake. He fanned the coal with a fan of woven coconut leaves worn off at the edges with the loose coir jutting out. He fanned, to produce sparks, bright and feisty. They left golden streaks as they flew out into the cold evening breeze. His face,however, was hidden by the shadow his head cast over the white light, It looked dark, like the sky over the lake.


14 thoughts on “The Spark Seller

  1. It’s easy to find similarities within different circumstances. Like link everything with Pattu which commentators have often done on my blog.
    The interesting thing is that Pattu is an expert with linking stuff, that’s why he can talk for hours on any topic.
    Thus Anon reminds me of Pattu.

  2. There isn’t any apparent ‘missing link’. I dunno what you’re talking about. If there is anything that concerns me, it is that there is an abundance of links most of which end up at pattu. Now if pattu is a link as well, I find myself caught in a web.

  3. sorry sagar, that the pattu virus has attacked your blog.

    for example in my blog, there are many instances when i’m proud of a post and i see a large number of comments under it which makes me even more proud.

    but when i go to read them, it’s like half of them refer to pattu.

    i’m glad that the pattu traffic is moving somewhere else now.

  4. Supriya~Thanks. :-)
    every body else~ Well guys, I dont quiet know what to say. But I guess It is best to keep shut over things like these. I don’t quiet like what is happening to this comment box. But I guess that is what happens to a bad post.

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