>The beginning

>For all those who are still wondering: here is what it means

It is strange indeed that I should name this post by the name of the first post on my blog. But it is not by the slightest measure unfair, that this post should receive this status, for it describes the beginning of a story which has been so close to my heart, a story which has recently come to a close, a close very few stories can come to.

Yellow checks and denim pants, a wrangler bag slung over one shoulder he stepped in to the gates. He was an hour before the appointed time, but he was sure the person he was about to meet wouldn’t mind, and all this surety for no reason at all, yet he felt quiet reasonable. The sprawling expanse of the institute lay bare before him, he had to stop here and look, look at what would change his life several times over in the next three years, and would change it in ways so radical that they would defy the imagination rooted in his origins. The lift is grand with wooden interiors and handles of brass and a austere steel door that opens to the fourth floor of the main building. He knows the name he must look for on the several doors lining the intelligently quiet corridors, they stretch out far on both ends, no one but him there, and the hum of concentration with its origin behind the doors of wood.

It is the first door after the lobby, he pushes it, hesitantly, the door gives way to a gap, a gap that introduces him to the silhouette of the man who would give him his first lessons in pure mathematics, the man who would shatter myths and tell him about the path to excellence. They talk, like neo and morpehus, he takes the red pill and starts the quest. “You must have the fire within” says morpheus. They talk over lunch in the canteen that looks over the lawn which gives way to the sea. He is introduced to people who will later see him on the judgment day. He meets them and himself. Morpheus pays for the lunch, the first of the many free lunches he will have there.


23 thoughts on “>The beginning

  1. >’they stretch out far on both ends, no one but him there, and the hum of concentration with its origin behind the doors’ ……….Very matrix like[ I actually thought of this before I read the last paragraph]U r duying to get in aren’t you?

  2. >hello sagaram new to this blog world and your the first blog post am reading and i must say am impressed. I am a mathematics student based in chennai. hope to read your future blogs as wellkeep the good work going!- gomse

  3. >hello sagar,i was just reading through your previous posts…your writing is interesting but the comments your friends leave are even more so!!!

  4. >Oh, don’t worry Sagar! Hardly a week more, and these theory exams will be done and OVER with! And what have YOU got to worry about? Heard about TIFR… Congrats!*thumbs up*

  5. >supriya~ thanks! about the exams,well yes, nothing to worry about i have already started seeing movies in the middle of my exams, I have to pass my exams though.

  6. >Why so?? We’ve had such a discussion before, and we’re just curious.(at least i am, what does everyone know about TIFR that I don’t?)

  7. >this post is about my first meeting at TIFR. I do not consider my self the chosen one, it is an anology with a purpose diffrent from the one you see. Any way anon, signing up with other peoples name is a bad practice.Try not to be so obnoxious. You end up hurting other people. If you do not like my blog please stop visiting it. It will save you a lot of trouble.

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