The Road Less Travelled


9 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

  1. >Greetings Sagar Kolte,Although i have not yet completed my instruction in your language, culture and habit, I thought it wise to leave a cursory remark here, by way of initial greeting.You see, i am from outside your planet, and of the information i have recieved, your “blog” is first. It is both interesting and informative. I hope you continue to type, and carry further correspondence over into my “blog”Sincerely,X-R

  2. >Thanks, Well about the photographer,it was Differently Challenged who took it. And about the light, we had not much choice, it was 10 in the night near oval (or cross maidan) and we had a small digital camera.

  3. >Yikes! No, no! The lighting is just perfect, and impressive, actually! When I said ‘throw some light’, I meant ‘tell me more about’ the picture..

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