Tags Again

I have been tagged again. This time by fingers, and she wants me to say 8 things about a person I would fall in love with. I wish I could reply intelligently, but this concept is new to me and I’m not sure what it all means.

I write this because I do not wish to disappoint people, but I have seen people in the influence of this thing, and I honestly do not know whether those were crushes or it was me falling in love.

All in all I am in a state of utter confusion and chaos. My apologies to fingers


7 thoughts on “Tags Again

  1. Again I find myself admitting that Chit is right. It’s painful, but what can I say? He’s got you nailed. By the way, how many crushes have you really had?!! You make it sound like a hundred! I think you should try harder to complete fingers’ assignment. You’re just afraid to search a little deeper into yourself.

  2. Chit:It didn’t take me any time.
    a tag is a request made by a fellow blogger to reveal certain aspects of your personality.

    There are other types of tags but since this is a real world, definitions cannot exist

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