>It was when I saw the pointer saying 93 kg that I decided to start jogging, it was a gratifying sport, It left me fresh and full of energy thru out the day. I started with 2kms a day and increased it to 6 and then to 8. It was a month now and I was feeling light but the war had just begun, I could not find a scale to measure my weight!(I asked my friend and he said he had a 1 Kg scale and I said that was not enough) I measured it on one of those scales the railway has put on the platform and it showed me (it was perhaps trying to be very nice) 3.5 Kgs. I guess I could have done with my friends scale after all!

Before you start wondering why I didn’t go to the doctor and get my self weighed I must tell you that we had torrential rains this season and all the weighing scales which were on the ground, and they usually are if they belong to a clinic, drowned and were no good.

My father suggested that the scales on the churchgate station are regularly calibrated and hence are dependable.

It is a crisp sunny saturday morning. I bunk my lecture and head to a sports shop to buy a skipping rope . I set afoot towards churchgate station, hoping to make the best out of this opportunity. There I see the digital scale glinting in chrome. I gracefully step on it (leaving my bag to the side) I insert a one rupee coin and it asks me for another (man! This one must be really accurate!) I insert the second coin and hold my breath. The display is digital and it shows 94 kg (!). I step down and it gives me another (blow) white slip with my weight printed on it. “Show it to your friends loser“, I could hear it(the scale) saying that!

I haven’t given up. After I recover from my leg injury (this was due to the skipping rope, and it was not short) I will start again.


11 thoughts on “>Scales

  1. >i guess it does. So here i am, finally! Viewing your blog and raking up comment points for this particularly odd post(well not really, but i am unfamiliar with the concept of going to doctors for my weight).

  2. >dhun: chit=chitrakWhy are peole having trouble with going to a doctor to measure your weight?The sales there are generally accurate (and as you can see im in need of accurate ones) and the doctor can tell you about how over weight you are and give you general advice.besides he does not charge me on such things ;)

  3. >If you are jogging 8kms a day for a month and you gained weight…then obviously you gained muscle, which weighs more than fat.Do not worry about weight – it is misleading. Keep up the good work and judge your fitness by how you feel and how your clothes fit… and how you look naked in the mirror!!! :)

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