>Unseen Wounds

>There is a wound on my heel, Im not flexible enough to see it, I can only feel it, with my fingers, running them over it,feeling the topography of the wound, preparing an image. It can be a repugnance but I have not a choice, for I cannot see the wound. If I outlast it, the wound will be a wound unseen, if it outlasts me, the wound will be a wound unheard.


9 thoughts on “>Unseen Wounds

  1. >There could beseveral reasons for my inability in seeing my heel, In this case I felt the wound first and Imagined How horrid it could be and did not muster the courage to face it.Our life is full of such wounds, some whose call we choose to ignore (for reasons of a varied nature), they remain unheard, they finish us.I hope I didnt dissappoint you on the punchline part.

  2. >hey wats the problem with seeing ur heel? And the wounds that are unseen are the ones that sap the joy out of life,coz those r the ones u worry abt the most..those unseen,unnoticed yet painful ones…the only way to heal them is look straight at them and cure them urself…

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