It was the fourth floor of the A block of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. I had to wait till the interview panel called me in, and it was going to be a long wait, an hour, at least. I abandon the comfort of my sofa (not a comfort any more, all comforts are ephemeral, this one was more so) and walk to the sealed glass window which faces the sea. It is low tide (It means that I was at TIFR till late, my friend tells me) and I can see the rocks bare, stark for some distance into the sea. Birds (crows and pigeons mostly) fly by, I can’t hear them though, the glass has a sealing. The picture looked beautiful and mute. I remember telling my friend about how every time I visit the sea I find it thrilling to realize my smallness before the immenseness of the water body. I decided to try this on for now, looking at the vast hydrous expanse, trying to imagine the depth, the force, my mind floated about. The sea looked like a shallow pool across which I could wander for the thousand miles that it encompassed, only getting my ankles wet.


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