>A Lecture

>Sagar, Sagar Kolte, I said,(I wanted to make it sound like, Bond, James Bond) And the guard let me in. He escorted me to the vice Principals cabin. She was waiting outside making me feel grand and pompous. We exchanged plesantries and she ushered me in to her office. I make my self comfortable and she orders of a masala dosa and a coffee. That meant having a free masala dosa and a free coffee in the vice principals cabin, the cabin I wasn’t allowed to peek into for too long three years ago. Half an hour more to go before the lecture, so we start talking (well, actually she starts talking and I nod away). Talking about how bad the system of education is and how there is no freedom and how we need more teachers and how the problem is difficult. These pointless ramblings are, I suppose, a part of being a guest lecturer. I could have pulled a few sagars in the conversations, but I was not sure If she would understand, the ramblings were making me doubt the amount of thinking she had done about the problems she described. This was sure a problem because it is frustrating when people recite the problems you have thought over and found solutions to all at once, things tend to muddle up and you say something which is, in your own opinion, foolish. But I had remedies, the dosa and the coffee were working wonders, I nodded away. I was time and we used the lift I was not allowed to, three years ago, as I made my way thru the crowd of students, I could feel their eyes upon me, questioning me of the company I demanded.

The students were already seated, more parsing eyes,I was described as an ex-student whom they were proud to have taught, and the I was called a resource person, I couldn’t help smiling. Would I have to inure to such titles so early? Well too many questions had gone unanswered that morning, and this was one more. I took on stage and talked for an hour and fifteen minutes. The audience was receptive and so was the faculty. The vice principal began to talk of incorporating the ideas presented in her lectures and more compliments followed. I walked back, needing some rest.


4 thoughts on “>A Lecture

  1. >Hullo Divya, welcome back! Well, no the lecture was not in Xavier’s, I wouldn’t have been much of a guest there! It was In the royal college of science, it is in the suburbs. The topic was an introduction to linear algebra, and I talked about smoe general Ideas and concepts using geometry.How come? well I dont know.. honestly.:)

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