Rasgoolas can be interesting things. The bottle which held them says that if you don’t want them too sweet, you can soak them in water(lukewarm or not, I forget). But I personally prefer them juicy and sweet of the sugar syrup that accompanies them. Here are a few things I have learnt about eating a rasgoola. So since I prefer rasgoolas juicy, I like to make them the juiciest possible. I always wish that the pool of sugar syrup that they lie in were inside them. I have noticed that they have teeny weenie cracks in them. When I cut them into halves they had pores, most of them small but a few as large as a tiny ball bearing. If I try to make the rasgoolas drink the ‘ras’ using the spoon to pour the ras over them they will absorb a small quantity and let go the rest of it which oozes down their porous body to meet the pool again. So I pour it little by little and I can see the goola drink the ras thru the cracks! I do this a few times and my goola becomes as juicy as a jamun. I place it in my mouth and hear my taste buds say “hey sagar, are we in heaven?”.


8 thoughts on “Rasgoolas

  1. yo, you know that i couldn’t leave your blog without a comment on this one. Especially after your amount of goading. But what to write? I could display our conversation in which ras-gs were defined as sponge dipped in sugar water, but i’ll be nice. If there is anyone out there inspired to eat rasgoolas on reading this blog, i implore you not to stop there. Bengali’s have a multitide of sweets: Kalo Jaam, Golap Jaam, chom-chom, a million shondesh’s, langcha, kheer kodom, paati-shaaptaa; too name a very small number.

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