Of rocks and the woods.

Here are some pictures of the Woods. All by Dev again.

The Woods from the first floor.

Of Rocks and Thinkers: Chitrak, Sagar,Oscar (Left to Right)

More Rocks

Conversations outside the chem lab.

The Cubical Rock

Stumps to sit on

Stumped at studying.

Octagons and Bridges

The Hostel


4 thoughts on “Of rocks and the woods.

  1. >this is soo cool!thank u so much for putting these up..im not sure what they did to the foyer was any good..but what the heck its fine..its still xaviers! its the people in it that matter :D thnks!

  2. >how dare they move da rock! it was our rock.. i think v guys spent 95% o our time on dat rock… in da woods… jus stare and bitch bout da ppl passin us… but neway… pls bring da rock back… and though i dun hate wot dey havdun wid da foyer it kinds reminds me o a big “dhaba”.. i sure a lotta x.xavierites agree wid dat one!

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