>The Foyer

>Here I am, back again blogging, not that my work load has decreased, infact my exams begin in a week’s time. Nevertheless, here I am.

With refrence to my previous post I have decided to describe the foyer of the St.Xavier’s College.

The Foyer is a large open area adjoining the canteen where poeple are supposed to, well, socialise have food and drinks (No hard drinks). To cater to this purpose the foyer has lots of wooden chairs each of which are painted yellow (Making a few exceptions) and lots of comfortable benches. Now the benches can be classified into two types, the new ones which have a desk attached wiht he hope of bringing some study into the life of a xavierite, for after the foyer was made the xavierite could not stop socializing, eating and drinking and the process of a mass conversion of xavierites into foyerites had begun. By and large this conversion has succeded, the number of foyerites out numbers the number of xavierites in todays time. And the old ones are the more romantic ones made of plates of wood and wrought iron. These are extremely comfortable as they have curved back rests. You cannot as a xavierite imagine them without couples cuddling each other. The boundary of the foyer is lined by movable notice boards with all sorts of domestic and inernational announcements. It is extremely easy to organize talks, workshops, competitions in xavier’s as all you have to do is post a notice on one of these boards and leave you cell phone number on it. In the morning you will find students sipping coffe (5 difftent types: Classic, Cappuchino, Moccachino, Black, Cold) Cold coffe is not avaliable in the morning. Or tea (Alteast 3 diffrrent types). Sudens can usually be seen completing journals or assignments or cuddling their girlfriends or boyfriends. People also read novels here. You might occasionally come accross a James Joyce fan on some yellow chair. The desks are filled with scribblings of all sorts. Crows are a distinctive feature of the foyer. They are significant in number. One of them is particularly note worthy, It is completely bald! it looks like a vulture, the xavierites call him the “culture” (the ‘c’ is to preserve it’s identity of a crow). So the culture in xaviers has wings! How true! The ceiling is 20 ft high and yet some one has managed to stick a paper rocket by it’s nose to it. In the afternoon the place is full of food soft drinks colourful clothes, comely figures and generous proportions,cleavages expensivecell phones, I-pods, Gituars, Message T-shirts (and pants, My favourite one had “tom” written on one leg and “harry” one the other),low rise jeans(dangerously low!) and a lot of noise. No college in mumbai can boast of a place where you can sit and sip on coffe and listen to the guitar.In here you come accross people singing hindustani classical or talking quantum mechanics or discussing Projective Geometry or existensialism or sociology or pol-science in this chaos.
Much remains to be described . But I will end here.


7 thoughts on “>The Foyer

  1. >hey good stufff……..But u 4got to mention bout how if u manage to break a COLD DRINK bottle in the foyer…….U GET A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FROM EVERY1………

  2. >Interesting..the concept of the Foyer as a place where anyone and anything is accepted and embraced as a part of the Foyer itself without losing their individuality, is actually what an ideal world would be like..especially liked the seats,just to sit and observe life around you,to think and let your thoughts soar free,or to notx think at all….

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